Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Introducing Pinto the Blog Dog!

           HOWDY from Sweet Hills Farm! I’m Pinto the BlogDog, the self-appointed spokes-dog for the farm. M’Lady says I’m the best dog The Family (TheFam, for short) has ever had because I’m smart and obedient. I’m smart because of my genes: ½ Border Collie and ½ Queensland Heeler. Put these two together, and you have a thinkin’, workin’, lovin’ machine. My thoughts are always 3 or 4 steps ahead of everyone else’s, especially the cats.

           The only bad thing about me, according to every single human I’ve ever encountered, is that I jump vertical about 5’ high, right in the human’s personal space whenever anybody goes outside. Personal space? What the heck is that? They get really irritated about this, and yell at me to knock it off! But going out and about is just soooooo exciting!!!

            I’m 5 years old, and M’Lady and her husband, TheBoss, adopted me when I was 1. I had lived down the road from them with OtherPeople since I was an adorable little fluffball, but I was lonely there. I was always escaping, and racing over to TheFam’s house, because that was where the action was. They had other dogs to play with, cows to monitor, barncats to torment, and the best was TheFam appreciated my charm and intelligence.

           And, they fed me tidbits!

  Finally, with all my escaping and running around, I got picked up by the dogcatchers. M’Lady worried about me, asked the OtherPeople where I was, and they hadn’t seen me in a month! They also said they didn’t want me anymore!   Lucky for me, I had worked my way into TheFam’s hearts!

        M’Lady searched all over the county for me, and finally found me in the slammer. Before they would release me, I had to be fixed, vaccinated, wormed, licensed and micro-chipped. After all this, I got to go home with M’Lady, and was then, truly a member of TheFam. They saved me, and my duty is now to take care of them!

On a walk with TheBoss. A leash? Really?

    My job is to keep an eye on things. Someone has to do it! I know everything that happens around
here. The cats, horses and chickens are always doing some brainless thing, and I’m always there to scoop up the debris. I’m not one of those dogs that barks mindlessly, either. If I bark, TheFam knows something is up, and they pay attention! Like when the cows and horses get too close to the fence or a cat comes into the yard!        

         Right now, everything is so bor-ing. It’s so cold out, that TheFam barely puts their toes out-of-doors. Heck, even I don’t want to go out. When it’s 2* outside, my bed by the fireplace is the place to be. But I need to run! I need to jump! Our biggest outing each day is to walk to the barn to feed the stock, and out to the mailbox. 

          Big Whoop….

           But, when we do go out, I roll around in the snow to scrub my fur, race through the fields to stay in shape, skid on the ice, then leap and tear around chasing the cats. At least they’re good for that!

          I’ll write again in a coupla days. You need to know about Brodi, my cohort, who is a bit of a dufus, but a good hearted and harmless fellow.

  Keep your tail waggin’!
That's me by the fireplace.  It's a little dark.  Sorry.

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