Pinto the BlogDog

Meet Pinto the BlogDog, and the rest of the Gang of Sweet Hills Farm!

Blog Posts
#1- Pinto The Blog Dog
#2-Pinto's Pal Brodi
#3-Pinto Ate Something Bad
#4-The CATS
#5-The Horses
#6 - Abby Does a Bad Thing
#7 - The Chickens
#8 - The Ranch
#9 - Happy Mother's Day!
#10 - Goings on at Sweet Hills Farm
#11 - I Was Bad
#12 - Interview with Brodi

The Farm Dogs

Age: about 5
Breed: Border Collie and Queensland Heeler
Job: Chief of Fence Security

Age: about 8
Breed: Golden Retriever
Job: Walking Companion and Ball Bringer-Backer

Age: about 2
Breed: Labrador Retriever and German Shorthair
Job:  Harasser of Cats and Boring Older Dogs
Owned by TheCitySlicker and TheFarmGirl and TheWeeLaddie

The Farm Cats

Job: License to KILL! (mice and birds)

Chester - hunter extraordinaire

Lucky - doesn't miss too many meals

Jerome - scaredy cat

Turtle - talks to much

Charlie - Chester's partner in mayhem


The Horses

Age: 31
Breed: Missouri Fox Trotter
Job: be sassy

Age 27
Breed: Tennessee Walking Horse
Job: eat ALL the grass

The Chickens
Nice chickens
Age: 1
Breed: Sexlink, Aracouna, Salmon Faverole
Job: lay eggs, eat scraps

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