Sunday, March 31, 2013

#6- Pinto the BlogDog - Abby Does a Bad Thing

Abby, the subject in question
     HOWDY FOLKS, Pinto the BlogDog here!  How's it goin' for ya on this beautiful Easter Sunday?  My farm is so pretty today, the horses are grazing in the pasture, the tractor is out working in the field, the sun is shining nicely, and the birds are filling the air with their song.

     So, wait till you hear this story!  Last Thursday, M'Lady had two loads of laundry out on the line before dawn.  (Now, that might sound really ambitious, but let's not forget that it doesn't get light around here till 8 am).  Anyway, that's a lotta laundry!  She had hung them there early so that they could dry all day in the gentle spring breeze.

     Well!  Abby came over with FarmGirl, to torment us while FarmGirl worked with M'Lady in the office.  Abby is a pretty, petite, young, black Labrador-German Shorthair mix.  She's crazy!  She's just learning what's what, she doesn't know acceptable behaviour like Brodi and YoursTruly.  She races around the yard like a psychotic Tazmanian Devil, whines incessantly and drives us to insanity!

See? No Shame!
     So, you're gonna love this:  Brodi and I thought we would have a little fun with Abby.  Get this, we dared her, we double dared her to yank the laundry off the line.  And she did it!!!  Can you believe that?  Brodi and I simply suggested the idea, added the dare to it, and she, thoughtlessly, did it!

     We laid back and watched her work.  She pulled nearly every single item off the line, and romped with them, still wet, dragging them all over the yard!  The worst was that M'Lady had hung her one good pair of linen dress slacks among the drying laundry!

     Then, Abby dragged most everything to my bed,  and made a nest out of them, and laid down on top of it all!

     After Abby was worn out with all her romping, and was comfortable on her princess-and-the-pea bed, M'Lady happened to look out, and noticed clothes scattered all over the yard, the laundry line empty, and Abby snoozing on what looked like a mountain of clothes!  Oh man, t-r-o-u-b-l-e!

Re-hanging the re-washed clothes
     Boy Howdy, did she come racing out of the house, and did she ever have an amplified voice!  "FARMGIRL," she yelled, "YOUR DOG RIPPED THE LAUNDRY OFF THE LINE!!!"  Poor FarmGirl came running out faster than a bee-stung-bull, and horrified, saw the destruction.  She ran to pick up the filthy, muddy clothes, and soon, she and M'Lady had collected everything.  Very fortunately, Abby hadn't damaged or torn anything.  M'Lady had to rewash everything and hang them all out again!  She kept mumbling under her breath, but, I have to say, she did keep her cool.
     Brodi and I, we stayed out-of-the-way, as you would guess.  We kinda made ourselves invisible by holing-up under the huge lilac bush by the pasture fence.  We thought for sure Abby was in for it, but guess what?  FarmGirl took her gently by the collar and sweetly said "No, no, Abby, bad girl," and gave her a little tap-tap on her paw as a spanking.
    What???  That was it? A little paw-slapping?  No fair!  Aww, Abby's not so bad, she just needs more learnin'!

     Next time, we'll have to dream up something that will really put Abby in the pig-pen.  Sheesh!
Well, gotta go, snoozin' in the sunshine!
     Keep your tail waggin'!

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  1. Robin! Look how skinny you are!!
    Oh, and Pinto is hilarious!