Sunday, May 12, 2013

#9 Pinto the BlogDog - Happy Mother's Day!

     HOWDY FOLKS!  Pinto the BlogDog here.  Such a beautiful day today!  Sunny and gorgeous!  The weather around here went from Sub-Zero-Arctic-Outer-Siberia to Sahara-Desert-90* in about two days, though.  Man, that's hard on a guy.  And then, I'm accused of complaining about the weather!  Well, how can I not, I ask you?

Our Happy Hens
     So, remember when I said M'Lady hadn't been letting her hens out of the coop?  Well, the last few days she has been, and they love it.  They peck around the flowerbeds, eating weeds and bugs and what-not.  They run and flap their wings, and roll in the dirt to clean their feathers.  (Sounds weird, I know, but I do the same thing.  Must work.  Go figure).  

     They also have been going back to their nests to lay their eggs!  This may not sound like a big deal, but it sure is.  If they lay their eggs any old place, like under the horse trailer or in the pasture or somethin', then TheFam doesn't get to enjoy those nice, fresh eggs, and that won't work at-tall.  So, as long as the hens lay in their nests, and they're safe, M'Lady says she'll let 'em out during the daytime.

 They're clucking and cooing, in case you can't hear them.
You have to use your imagination.
     Yesterday, at the hens' bedtime, FarmGirl and WeeLaddie were walking out to the barn with me and M'Lady when she was bringin' in the hens.  She called them, and they came running!  She called out "Heeeeere Chicky-Chck-Chck-Chck-Chicky!  Chck-Chck-Chck-Chck-Chckeeeeeee!"  And those hens just came runnin' across the drive, cluckin', all excited, and right into their coop.  FarmGirl couldn't believe it!  She said, "Mom!  They're coming when you call!"  M'Lady just grinned at her and closed the coop door quick behind the last hen.  FarmGirl said, "They were running after you!"

     I say, "Yup!  Wouldn't you?"

     Oh, and new subject:  Get this!  Remember Abby, the psycho black lab that belongs to FarmGirl?  She had to go to boot camp!  It was either that or go back to the slammer.  So, I guess she's lucked out and gets another chance at life.  FarmGirl took her to Jan's Bed & Barkery, and Jan tested Abby before giving her the sentence.  She told FarmGirl she thought that Abby wasn't so bad afterall!  (Coulda fooled everyone with that one.  Wait till Jan lives with her for a few days).  She kept Abby (maybe forever???) and is gonna "work with her."  In the meantime, we have peace, glorious peace 'round here!

M'Lady and her mom, 2005
     So, I wish to say Happy Mother's Day to all the moms today.  I miss my mom, though, come to think of it, I never really knew her.  But, I'm thinkin', knowin' myself, she must've been a marvelous dog, and a good mother.   M'Lady misses her mom, too, who is in heaven.  But there're 4 moms here at Sweet Hills Farm today:  TheBoss' mom, M'Lady, FarmGirl and M'Ladys' brother's wife (Bro'sLady).  That's quite alot, and a fine celebration we're havin' here!  The ladies made all the food yesterday so that today, the menfolk could serve it to them, then clean it all up.  Somehow, that doesn't seem quite right to me, but, whatever floats their boat, ya know?

     Well, I gotta go clean up the scraps!


     Keep your tail waggin'!

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