Thursday, June 27, 2013

#11 Pinto The BlogDog - I Was Bad

     HOWDY FOLKS!  Pinto the BlogDog here.  How're ya doin' on this pretty-not-a-cloud-in-the-sky day?  I'm just great, better'n yesterday, lemme tell ya.

Our rockchuck was like these guys.
They're kinda cute, don'tcha think?
      So, all around the edges of our farm live these little rascals called "rockchucks."  They're like
woodchucks only they're not.  Brodi and I love to chase 'em.  We don't do 'em no harm, they're just somethin' for us to run after.  When we're out on our daily patrols, or on a horseback ride with M'Lady, we run as fast as we can, to look for rockchucks.  The young ones chirp at us, kinda like a squirrel;  it's a game to 'em to tease us, 'cause they know they can outrun us back to their den.  They're sneaky little buggers, they scamper and dance just out of our reach, diving into their opening in the rocks before we can get 'em.

     I've never caught one.  Don't know what I'd do if I did.  I'm not a killer.  I'm a lover.  But, it's still fun to chase after 'em.

     Anyway, yesterday, M'Lady was riding Merrygold and ponying Roxie.  (that's where she rides one horse and leads t'other).  Brodi and I had run way, way ahead of her, to one of our favorite rockchuck-tormenting-places, a big rockpile on the edge of the farm.

     Well!  If there wasn't a huge, portly rockchuck lazing in the sun!  Boy Howdy, did we wake him up!  We had him cornered!  We were barking, feinting, darting in and snapping at him!  He was scrooched back as far as he could go against the rocks, baring his HUGE teeth at us.  We kept at it, scaring him, makin' him pay for all the times the young rockchucks chirped at and teased us.  It was so fun!

     M'Lady was so far behind us, she didn't know what we were doin'.  It took her a bit to figure out that we were harassin' somethin'.  When she did figure it out, she galloped full tilt toward us!  (Now you need to know that M'Lady never gallops.  Merrygold is 27, Roxie is 31, both way, way too old for galloping, so she musta really been serious about gettin' to us quick).  She was yellin' as loud as she could, "PINTO, COME!  BRODI, STOP!"  But we were havin' so much fun we couldn't.

     Finally, finally, finally, after M'Lady practically ran us over, I looked up and heard her, and came away.  Then Brodi didn't see the point of it any longer, neither, and he came away, too.  Boy did that rockchuck make a bee-line, and sorta waddle-ran back to his den.  M'Lady lectured us from astride her horse for another hundred yards.  "How would you like it if two big, snarling beasts scared you half to death?  You're no better than gangsters, no better than school-yard bullies, you BAD BOYS!"

Can't see what the big deal is, sittin' on the chair.  It's comfy!
    So, we went on the rest of our ride, but the joy had gone out of it.  When we got home, I was feelin' sorry for mesef.  So I hopped up on the patio chair, thinkin' that just this once, it would be OK.  For some reason, TheFam doesn't like me to sit on the patio chairs.  They say I get the cushions dirty and hairy.  They're always yelling at me to get off!  But, I thought, just this once....

     Well, I was wrong again.  M'Lady was already mad at me about the rockchuck ordeal, so I guess my sitting on her nice Adirondack chair just pushed her button again.

     So, I slunk away, and curled up in my nest under the big lilac and took a nap.

     Man, it's tough sometimes, stayin' outta trouble.

     But, today is a new day, a fresh start!

     Keep your tail waggin'!

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