Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Thanks to Idaho Ag in the Classroom!

     Like many professionals, teachers are required to take a certain number of continuing education classes during a given time period. One of the classes that is offered to Idaho teachers is Idaho Ag in the Classroom, which focuses on ways to incorporate agriculture and farming themes into the school curriculum.

     Rick Waitley, the Idaho Ag in the Classroom director extraordinnaire, invited my mom and me to give presentations to two groups of teachers taking this course. We were pleased to be asked to present our blog, and finished the second presentation this morning. It was a great opportunity for us to make a connection with a new group of individuals, and we were especially excited that these presentations were for educators. The purpose of our blog is to educate non-farmers about farming and agriculture, so who better to show it to than interested teachers!

     Mom gave the presentation last week, and I spoke at today's session. I was able to talk about the purpose of our blog, our mission and goals, and to go through the blog and show them the resources that were there. For only being in existence for a few months, we sure have written a lot of posts.

     We also took comments and questions about our blog, and asked for input on how to make it more useful to teachers in the classroom. We have a bunch of great ideas that we'll hopefully begin implementing soon. We want to make this blog as user-friendly as possible, so that not only will people enjoy the things we post, but actually learn from it as well.

     So, a huge thank you to Rick Waitley and Idaho Ag in the Classroom for the invitation to speak at these two seminars.

     If any of you have any suggestions or ideas that would help us improve our blog, PLEASE let us know. We also want to hear from you if you have an issue you hear about in the news that you would like us to research, a question you need answered, or anything else.

Here's a link to Idaho's Ag in the Classroom page:

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